Dos and Dont’s for Mountain Climbing During Winter

If you’re considering attempting mountain climbing during winter, here’s what you should know before hitting the sports shops for crampons and other ice climbing tools.

If you don’t come from a place that’s visited by winter, make sure that you spend an adequate time allowing your body to adjust and acclimate itself to this season. Mountain climbing during winter is only a viable solution for you if you’re sure that your body has adjusted properly to the intensely of the colder climate.

If you don’t come from a place where there’s snow, be sure to spend sufficient time as well acquainting yourself to traveling in snow. Take the time to learn about basic emergency tips as well as for common accidents, injuries, and illnesses caused by winter.

Ice climbing is arguably the most difficult of all types of mountain climbing so if your skills belong only to the beginners’ category, you definitely need to polish your skills before you can be sure that you won’t die on your first attempt. Ice climbing, albeit exciting, is absolutely a dangerous sport as well.

Consult with a professional and see what he thinks about your skills. If he doesn’t think you’re up to the rigors of mountain climbing during winter, don’t push your luck and proceed with your plans. Read more, practice more, and you’ll soon be ready for it. Be patient!

When choosing what clothes to wear or bring for mountain climbing during winter, always consider practicality over fashion. Although the latest trends in winter clothing may seem irresistible, looking good won’t get you anywhere if they can’t provide you with adequate protection as you start climbing icy slopes.

There will be times that your hands will seem too numb or frozen to be as nimble as they are, and this will make tying knots more difficult. As such, it’s important that you learn how to tie your rope quickly and efficiently so that you can continue doing them successfully even if you’re slightly handicapped because of the weather.

The usual shoes you’re wearing for mountain climbing is probably ineffective if you’re planning to climb during the winter. Do purchase a pair that will allow you to tread safely on snowy and slippery slopes.

Last but not least, avoid climbing alone. Whether you’re mountain climbing during summer or winter, you should have a companion with you because two brains always work better than one.



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